Acetate is a type of eyeglass frame material, also known as cellulose acetate. It is a member of the plastic family. Cellulose acetate is a thermoplastic resin and is the earliest cellulose derivative to be commercially produced and continuously developed. The production process of acetate eyeglasses can achieve various colors and patterns without the need for spray painting on the frame. Acetate eyeglasses have high surface hardness, do not require surface treatment, have a noble texture, and are wear-resistant. The advantages of acetate eyeglasses also include lightness, comfort, strong durability, rich design, not easy to deform, and have a certain elasticity.

Eyeglasses made of this material are of moderate weight, rich in color, and can be combined with different metals (such as stainless steel, titanium, etc.) to create many styles of eyeglasses, which are more popular among consumers.

It is also more suitable for matching clothing, reflecting personality and style. If you are considering buying new eyeglass frames, you can consider using acetate eyeglasses to make the frames.

This is a tab that contains acetate optical frames that are suitable for all shapes, styles, and ages.

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