Venue: Wenzhou Ouyuan Optical Co., LTD
Address: NO.100 JiXian Road, Shanghui Industry, Ouhai Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Airport: Wenzhou Longwan International Airport
Train Station: Wenzhou South Station

Arrival Way

  1. Wenzhou Longwan International Airport –> Take the Light Rail (Airport Station) –> Get off at Wenzhou South Railway Station –> Take a Taxi (or We’ll Pick You Up) –> Ouyuan Eyewear
  2. Wenzhou Longwan International Airport –> Take a Taxi –> Ouyuan Eyewear
    Total 28 kilometers, duration 36 minutes, estimated cost 110 RMB.

Traffic Route


The starting price of a Wenzhou taxi is RMB 11 per 3.5 kilometers, and beyond 3.5 kilometers, the fare is RMB 2.5 per kilometer.


Wenzhou Longwan International Airport T1 (IATA: WNZ, ICAO: ZSWZ)


  1. If you are not familiar with the local transportation, it is not recommended to take the bus, although it is cheap (2RMB), it is easy to get the wrong route.
  2. The length of the taxi ride from the airport to Ouyuan Eyewear fluctuates depending on traffic congestion, and the fare is variable.