Product Service Issues

1. What can Ouyuan do for you?
  • One-stop China eyewear and accessories sourcing and production export service.
  • OEM/ODM order production mode.
  • Regular design and development of new models, tailor-made.
  • Provide product catalog and product quotation.
  • Tracking production progress during production, providing PMC.
  • Send quality inspection reports to customers before shipment.
  • Deliver products on time.
  • Handle export document procedures.
  • Provide other export assistance matters.
2. Can I see your products on other platforms besides the official website?

You can see the eyewear products we produce through Made-in-China, which is a large B2B e-commerce platform for international trade, you will complete the purchase process of eyeglasses very smoothly and safely, and reliably. Click here to enter the Ouyuan Eyewear Store on Made-in-China.

3. Do you support retail sales of your products?

We are primarily a wholesale business. Of course, if you like a particular pair of glasses, you can get in touch with us and we will send it to you. We will generate a separate purchase link for you so that you can place your order.

Payment Issues

1. Do you support Western Union payment? Or are there more payment options available?

We support Western Union, we also provide Wire Transfer, Letter of Credit, and Alipay.
If you have other payment needs, please communicate with us in time. We will try our best to assist you in solving the problem of payment channels.

Website Issues

1. Why do I see pages that never change?

We do often update the content of the website if you open the web page to see the page is old, that presents you with a cached page, you need to press F5 or Ctrl + F5 to refresh the current page, and then a whole new page will be displayed in front of you.

2. Why do I see only half of the picture on my phone?

Because the cell phone screen is smaller, can not show more information, so we are still computer-based, while taking into account as much as possible to display on the cell phone, some key images, we have enabled Lightbox, you can zoom in to view. In addition, you can zoom in directly on your cell phone to view the interface or long-press the picture to view the original picture, or choose to download the picture to view.

Eyewear Exhibitions

1. What international eyewear fairs do you attend?

Normally we will participate in SILMO PARIS, the Hong Kong International Optical Fair, the MIDO Eyewear Show, and so on. You can refer to our official website for more information or contact us.

2. Do you exhibit at eyeglass fairs in China?

Depending on the situation, we will attend the Wenzhou Optical Exhibition, the Beijing Optical Exhibition, SILMO Paris, MIDO Eyewear Show. If you are willing to come to these exhibitions, please see the dynamic news on the official website, or consult us individually.

Eyewear Catalog

1. Why can’t my phone browse the catalog directly?

Because of technical reasons, the phone does not support PDF direct loading to browse the catalog of glasses, you can click to download and then browse. It is recommended that you browse the catalog on your computer to get a good browsing experience.

2. How do I get a password to access the Eyewear Catalog?

You can submit a form on the website, send an email, or call us directly, any kind of contact, we will send you the access password soon. We hope you will understand that a password will be set because of some commercial protection involved.