Ouyuan Eyewear is a manufacturer and supplier of eyewear with global sales. Our wholesale eyeglass frames are carefully designed by designers and crafted by opticians, and the materials used include acetate, nylon (TR90), titanium, stainless steel, alloy, CP, etc. OEM, ODM production mode, flexible customized eyeglass frame order mode, to meet the different needs of customers. 20,000+ sample library, and can maintain the annual launch of thousands of new products, one-stop solution, dedicated to the global purchasers’ service.

A large range of eyeglasses shape coverage, round, rectangular, oval, cat eye, traveler’s glasses, aviator glasses, and browline glasses can be produced and made. Whether you are ordering in bulk or purchasing in large quantities, our production line can basically meet your needs. We offer competitive prices based on respecting the value of our workers’ labor.

If you want to request information about our products or other needs, you can click here: Submit Your Request. If you want to contact us quickly you can also use other ways: Contact Us. In short, we are happy to serve you.

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