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Customized Eyewear Service Highlights


All customized Olympic-related glasses need to be officially authorized to ensure legitimacy and dignity. For example, glasses in the image of the official mascot or glasses with the logo of the Olympic Games need to be officially authorized by the Paris Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games.

Diverse design options

  • Fusion of Olympic elements: Introducing the ability to incorporate the five rings of the Olympic Games, emblems, torches, mascots and other classic elements into the design, showing the style of the sport.
  • National Flag Watching Glasses: Special introduction of national flag-themed sunglasses from various countries, whether it is to cheer for the national team or to show your personality, you can find the preferred choice.

High-end customized craftsmanship

  • Produced according to the customer’s engineering design drawings to ensure that the eyewear is finely tuned.
  • Technical process. Such as anti-UV treatment, electroplating, lightweight frames, personalized laser engraving, etc., to simultaneously ensure wearing comfort and fashion.
  • Emphasis can be placed on one-to-one design according to customer needs, including but not limited to color, material, lens function (polarized, color change, etc.)


Authorization ValidationDesign CommunicationCustomized ProductionQuality InspectionPremium Delivery

Customized Olympic eyewear, as a special and commemorative product, will be produced in a process that incorporates the brand specifications and characteristics of the Olympic Games while maintaining a high-quality customized service.

Authorization Validation

  • Obtaining Authorization: First of all, the agent needs to obtain official authorization from the Olympic Games official or relevant authorized institutions to ensure that the use of the Olympic Five Rings logo and other Olympic-related intellectual property rights is legally compliant.
  • Authorization Agreement: Verify the authorization agreement. Sign an authorized use agreement with the authorized party to clarify the details of the scope of use, duration and copyright requirements.
  • Design Review: Licensed eyewear design in line with the Olympic brand image and standards.

Design Communication

  • Concept Discussion: The wholesaler or agent communicates with the manufacturer in-depth to understand each other’s unique needs and design concepts of the Olympic glasses, such as the color combination and the way of incorporating the Five Rings elements.
  • Design Proposal: Based on the communication results, the design team proposes multiple design options, including 3D renderings or physical models, for the customer to choose from.
  • Final Confirmation: After the client selects the design, details are adjusted until both parties are satisfied and the design is officially confirmed.

Customized Production

  • Pre-production Determination: Produce samples according to the design drawings to ensure that the actual product matches the effect drawings.
  • Preparation of raw materials: Choose high-quality materials that meet Olympic standards, such as environmentally friendly resins and lightweight metals.
  • Production and Processing: Customized production based on confirmed design drawings. For example, 3D printing technology is used to create complex structures or to finely process frames and lenses.
  • Inlay of Olympic elements: Ensure that the five rings and other iconic elements are accurately inlaid or printed to reflect the uniqueness of the product.

Quality Inspection

  • Multi-stage inspection: Multi-stage quality control is implemented during the production process, including raw material inspection, semi-finished product inspection and finished product inspection.
  • Functional testing: Ensure the optical performance (e.g. accurate lens prescription, UV protection, etc.), as well as the durability and comfort of each pair of eyeglasses.
  • Brand standard verification: Check with the Olympic brand standard again to ensure that all products meet the quality and image requirements of the licensee.

Premium Delivery

  • Exquisite Packaging: Adopt customized packaging, designed to reflect the Olympic theme, with a certification certificate inside to enhance the collection value of the product.
  • Exclusive service: Provide one-to-one delivery service to ensure that the produced glasses are delivered safely and quickly to the wholesalers.
  • After-sales service: Provide perfect after-sales service system, accessories, treatment program for unqualified products, etc.

Advantages of cooperation

Professional team: Ouyuan Eyewear Factory has a design and production team with years of industry experience.

Rapid Response: Commitment to efficient service response to ensure rapid progress of customer orders.

Quality Commitment: Strictly follow international standards, and provide warranty service to ensure customer satisfaction.

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