Why Should Eyewear Companies Attend SILMO Paris

Why should eyewear companies attend SILMO Paris

There are several important reasons for eyewear companies to participate in SILMO Paris, one of the most important events for the global eyewear industry, with an excellent reputation, especially in the European market. 1000+ exhibitors from 42 countries, more than 1500 brands, 75,000 sqm of hall space and more than 30,000 visitors. Here are some of the main reasons why:

Industry Exposure: SILMO Paris is an international platform, SILMO Paris, one of the most important eyewear exhibitions in Europe, has maintained its role as market leader for many years since 2003, attracting the world’s eyewear manufacturers, Eyeglasses OEMs, Designers, Dispensing Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Wholesalers, Optical Trading Companies, Distributors and retailers. Exhibitors can gain extensive industry exposure and increase brand awareness.

Market Trends: Exhibitions usually have the latest products and technologies on display, which helps companies understand market trends, including new design directions, material innovations, manufacturing processes, etc., to guide their product development and keep them in the industry trend.

Business Opportunities: This is an excellent opportunity to expand your business network and find new customers and partners. Enterprises can contact potential buyers directly and conduct face-to-face business negotiations to reach sales agreements or establish long-term cooperative relationships. In addition, through pre-show appointments, regular and potential customers can be invited to meet on-site to view samples and communicate face-to-face, which can better handle product matters.

Competitive analysis: Exhibitors can observe competitors’ movements, assess the positioning of their products in the market, identify potential market gaps, and learn from the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors. This is more likely to enable companies to remain competitive in the market.

Branding: For exhibitors, SILMO Paris is a stage to showcase their brand image, promote new product lines and enhance their market position. If you can afford it, you can rent a bigger booth and bigger billboards to make a deeper impression on your brand.

Education and Training: During the exhibition, lectures and workshops are often held during the show to provide opportunities for industry knowledge and skills training to help business personnel keep their professional skills up to date.

Media Attention: Due to the influence of SILMO Paris, it attracts a lot of media attention and exhibitors have the opportunity to increase the visibility of their brands and products through media coverage. Eyewear companies actively participate in media interviews to enhance their influence. Enterprises can also cooperate with the media in depth, which can lastingly bring traffic to their enterprises.

Expanding after the Exhibition: The exhibition has a large flow of people, and it is impossible to communicate with all the intended clients in detail. Through the large number of business cards received at the exhibition, when the exhibition is over, make another appointment with the clients, visit the clients on the spot and talk about the solutions with them, so as to maximize the efficiency of the exhibition.

Gathering of Industry Elites: SILMO Paris attracts eyewear industry elites from all over the world every year, with many forums and lectures to discuss the innovation and development of the eyewear industry.

SILMO Awards: The SILMO AWARDS are the world’s most distinguished optical awards, with four awards: SILMO D’OR, OPTICAL DESIGN CONTEST, IOA AWARDS, and CSR AWARDS. If you are a manufacturing company, you can enter your product in the SILMO D’OR to gain visibility. If you are a designer, you can participate in OPTICAL DESIGN CONTEST to let more people know about your design and enhance your personal IP influence. If you are a dispensing optician, you can participate in the IOA AWARDS to let more people choose your service. Companies that have made outstanding contributions to society or optical companies that have contributed to the environment can participate in the IOA AWARDS to pass on their sense of social responsibility to more people.

As a result, eyewear companies attending SILMO Paris will not only boost sales, but also advance their brand’s global strategy, strengthen ties with other key players in the industry, and keep a keen eye on future trends in the optical industry.