Ouyuan Eyewear as a manufacturer and exporter of eyeglasses, serve the following clients:

1. Retail Opticians

Local and International Chain Opticians: such as LensCrafters, Specsavers, Vision Express and other large global or regional optical retailers.

Independent Opticians: individually owned or family-run optical stores distributed throughout the region, focusing on product features and service quality.

2. Online E-commerce Platform

Third-party Sellers: third-party sellers: third-party seller stores on large global or regional e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shrimp, Alibaba, Jingdong, Taobao, etc.

Direct E-commerce Platforms: independent merchants selling eyewear products on the above platforms as well as various other e-commerce platforms (e.g. Zalando, Rakuten, etc.).

Online Independent Eyewear Website: selling various optical frames, sunglasses, etc. on the website under a free brand name and needing to purchase eyewear.

3. Optical Wholesalers and Distributors

International Optical Wholesalers: large companies that source and distribute optical products on a global basis.

Regional Distributors: specialize in a specific country or regional market, supplying local retailers with eyewear products.

4. Professional Organizations for Vision Care

Optometric Clinics: specialized medical institutions that provide services such as eye examinations and vision correction programs provide prescription lenses.

Vision Correction Centers: such as myopia prevention and control centers, corneal reshaping lens fitting centers, etc., requiring different types of optical products.

Ophthalmology Hospitals: provide optometry, and vision checkups and need optical frames.

5. Fashion Jewelry Retailers and Curated Stores

High-end Fashion Jewelry Stores: high-end retail stores selling designer and luxury brand eyewear.

Fashion Curated Store: sourcing uniquely designed, limited edition eyewear to sell as a fashion accessory.

General Fashion Stores: these stores usually sell clothes, bags, sunglasses, belts, etc. Need to offer eyewear that is customized to fit the current brand.

6. Eyewear Designer Private Brands

Some designers run their eyewear boutiques(Private Brands), but they do not have the production capacity and need to customize their production to eyewear factories that offer OEM for the ongoing operation of their eyewear stores.

7. Corporate Customers and Group Purchases

Workplace Safety and Protection Suppliers: companies that provide eye protection equipment for industry, healthcare, research, etc.

Educational Institutions: schools, colleges, universities, etc. purchasing eyewear for students or reading glasses in bulk.

Gift & Promotional Goods Companies: purchasing customized or branded eyewear as gifts, giveaways or corporate welfare.

8. Hotels and Resorts

High-end Hotel and Resort Boutique: provides residents with high-quality eyewear products, including sun-protective sunglasses and swimming goggles.

9. Specialized Sports Equipment Retailers

Sporting Goods Stores: selling various types of sport-specific eyewear, such as ski goggles, cycling glasses and golf glasses.

Sports Brand Specialty Stores: self-owned stores or authorized dealers of brands such as Nike, Adidas, Oakley, etc.

10. Government and Non-governmental Organizations

Governmental Organizations: may purchase eyeglasses for public health programs or work safety programs.

International Aid Programs: NGOs involved in vision health assistance programs, such as providing vision screenings and eyeglass donations in impoverished areas.

Medical Aid Organizations: e.g. Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, etc., may need to purchase large quantities of eyeglasses for humanitarian aid.

Community Aid Organizations: To care for the elderly, to assist the handicapped by providing them with reading glasses, etc.

11. Start-up Optical Company

This type of company is just starting the business of selling eyeglasses and may be in the exploratory period in terms of product positioning and business model. They can be given the glasses classification, price positioning, and sales type of glasses purchasing program.

12. Web Celebrities As Well As Individual Sellers

Sell eyewear products directly to global consumers through their websites, social media and cross-border e-commerce platforms.

13. Special Individual Consumers

Very few individual buyers need to customize special models of eyeglasses. We provide customized services, such as personalized design, special lenses, customized prescription, mold opening and production to meet the needs of individual consumers.

These are the types of customers we serve, we make products and services with heart and soul, just to make our customers achieve sustainable growth in their respective businesses.

We are a B2B eyewear company, providing OEM and ODM production and supply chain management models, if you have sourcing needs, please contact us in time.