2024 New Bow Shaped Plastic Women’s Sunglasses YC30027-1

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👓This is a perfectly designed bow-shaped women’s sunglasses, the simple and unnecessary design is completely comparable to those complicated sunglasses. It will probably be the dark horse of sales in your optical store in 2024.

👓Ready Goods. 

👓Trendy sunglasses are specially designed for opticians, eyewear online stores, eyewear distributors, eyewear franchises, supermarkets, and so on.

💡For more products in this series, please refer to catalog 2024 YC Series Sunglasses.


Product Features

🌈Model: YC30027-1

🌈Material: Environmentally friendly grade acetate material.

🌈Shape: Bow Tie/ Butterfly

🌈Nosepiece: One-piece nosepiece. Ergonomic curve transition for a perfect fit on the bridge of the nose.

🌈Lens:  Polarized lenses, 100% effective in blocking UV rays.

🌈Color: Bright Black, Transparent, Purple, Red/Rainforest.

🌈Design: The side thickened rim design makes the whole sunglasses look very sturdy, and the outer curved transition is more like a bow shape, perfect design.

🌈Size: 54mm-19mm-143mm.

🌈MOQ: Starting from 1200 pairs. Ready Goods. Order directly without waiting.

🌈Customization: According to this current sunglasses, we can provide various solutions such as colors, materials, lenses, packaging and so on.

🌈Shipping range: We can deliver as long as the logistics support.

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