Strange Acetate Cat Eye Sunglasses YC30026-1

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👓This is a redesigned cat eye glasses,strange shape but cute. The main material is acetate and the color palette is still vintage style. 55mm outer frame length for better vision and added fashion style. It will surely capture the likes of more ladies.

👓Ready Goods. 

👓Trendy sunglasses are specially designed for opticians, eyewear online stores, eyewear distributors, eyewear franchises, supermarkets, and so on.

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Product Features

🌈Model: YC30026-1

🌈Material: Environmentally friendly grade acetate material.

🌈Shape: Cat Eye.

🌈Nosepiece: One-piece nosepiece. Ergonomic curve transition for a perfect fit on the bridge of the nose.

🌈Lens:  Polarized lenses, 100% effective in blocking UV rays.

🌈Color: Bright Black, Pink/Transparent, Brown/Transparent Light Yellow, Blue/Hawksbill.

🌈Design: In shape is more cat eye style with downward expansion of the new area, looks more petite and cute, but the nosepiece part of the size of relatively small, suitable for people with smaller noses to wear, but this does not prevent it from the overall shape of the great.

🌈Size: 55mm-17mm-143mm.

🌈MOQ: Starting from 1200 pairs. Ready Goods. Order directly without waiting.

🌈Customization: According to this current sunglasses, we can provide various solutions such as colors, materials, lenses, packaging and so on.

🌈Shipping range: We can deliver as long as the logistics support.

Sunglasses YC30026-1-Detailed Shots-Size-Various Colors Sunglasses Showcase


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