In 2024, we will once again embark on a journey to SILMO PARIS, the most influential event in the global eyewear industry, to explore with you the infinite possibilities of the future of optical vision.

SILMO Paris 2024 - Pre-Fair Appointment - Ouyuan Eyewear

Because of the Red Sea crisis, we will face a lot of freight transportation problems: route disruptions or detours, higher insurance premiums, soaring freight rates, delayed deliveries, supply chain disruptions, higher commodity prices, higher crude oil prices, lower investment and business confidence, and even marine pollution.

Ouyuan Eyewear produces all eyeglasses for export, we have a large number of European clients, and we are very worried about the rise of sea freight and the safety of the goods as much as our clients are. We have taken a lot of measures to help our clients to reduce the purchasing cost:

  1. Purchase raw materials in large quantities to further reduce costs.
  2. Optimize the production process, and production flow, and reduce the delivery time.
  3. Produce more Ready Goods, and deliver them to eyeglass wholesalers as fast as possible.
  4. Help clients to optimize the logistics cost through land and air transportation.
  5. Communicate with customers in time, so that they can place orders and stock up in advance.

It is hoped that geopolitical issues, such as regional conflicts, will be resolved soon so that global transportation will be in a state of normal development.

We invite those who have customized eyewear needs to contact us in advance, we can determine the details of the product (color, design, material, process, etc.) in advance, then our eyewear factory can help you to produce samples, and then we can bring these samples to the booth, and you will be able to see the actual product, whether it needs to be modified and direct order for production.

In addition, we will bring the latest designs (optical frames, sunglasses) to provide you with more choices. We can also provide you with solutions for logo printing, eyeglasses cases, eyeglasses cloths, and so on.

You should know that strolling around the exhibition is very physically demanding. We have prepared chocolates, water and candies to replenish your energy at any time. We have also prepared gifts unique to China, which we hope you will enjoy.

Finally, I look forward to celebrating this optician’s event with new friends and old friends at PARIS NORD VILLEPINTE this fall.

Event: 2024 SILMO Paris

Dates: Sept 20-23, 2024

Venue/Location: Exhibition Center Paris Nord Villepinte