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Can you source glasses within 1 USD in Wenzhou Zhejiang China

As a famous eyewear manufacturing base in China, Wenzhou is known for its abundant eyewear products and competitive prices. In Wenzhou, eyeglasses are available at a wide range of prices, covering everything from affordable styles to high-end customized products. At least 30% of the world’s eyeglasses are exported from here to the world. Which countries …

Why Opticians Choose Wenzhou, China to Source Eyewear

Why Opticians Choose Wenzhou, China to Source Eyewear

Wenzhou, as a famous eyeglasses manufacturing base in China, has gradually become the preferred sourcing place for international eyeglasses dealers in recent years. Behind this phenomenon is the comprehensive strength and unique advantages of Wenzhou’s eyeglasses industry. The following are some of the main reasons why international eyeglasses dealers choose to purchase eyeglasses in Wenzhou. …

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Why Do Eyeglasses Get Scratched?

Scratch Analysis Most scratches on eyeglass lenses are caused by wiping the lenses. Very few are caused by contact with substances with a high coefficient of friction or hard substances. Typically, most of the dirt on your lenses is oil from your eyelashes, keratin from your face, fine grit from the air, and dander from …

2023 Hong Kong Optical Fair Post Show Overview-Cover IMAGE

2023 Hong Kong Optical Fair Post Show

1. More than 12,000 buyers and visitors to the show The 31st Hong Kong International Optical Fair, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and co-organized by the Chinese Optical Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (COMAHK), concluded successfully, attracting more than 12,000 buyers and visitors from 92 countries and regions to visit, experience and …