Children’s removable rectangle eyeglasses frame discounts 0088

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Kids often break their glasses because they are so active and naughty, and parents often have to change new glasses for their kids, which makes parents very annoyed. We provide glass frames made of Italian TR material, which can completely solve your worries. Even if the kids step on the glasses frame with their feet, it will be intact.

Product Feature

  • Discounted for kids.
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear.
  • Silicone nosepiece, no indentation when wearing.
  • Silicone eyeglasses arms, perfect fit for ears, no fear of sweat.
  • TR material is very light, friction-resistant, and pressure-resistant.
  • Applicable scenes, reading, outdoor running, playing ball, cycling, and so on completely competent.


Eyeglasses Frame Before And After Assembly

Eyelasses Frame 0089 Eyelasses Frame Before And After Assembly, Red, Black


Different Color Arm Display

Eyelasses Frame 0088 Arm Series, red, black, yellow, grey, bright blue, silicone glasses arm, pinstripe pattern


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