Kids Polygonal Frame Round Lens Sunglasses G2287

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👓Children’s polygonal sunglasses, double-rimmed frames, mostly clear, fashion, crystal-clear and noble.

👓These are round lenses, but the shape is polygonal, you can see the angularity, thickened frame, both from the front and the side, three-dimensional, very much like gears, adjustable nosepiece, German nose pads, comfortable to wear. The different color tones are matched with childish fun.

👓We can provide opticians with a complete purchasing solution so that products enhance your sales.

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Product Features

🌈Material: Acetate. Environmentally friendly material meets CE, ISO, and FDA standards.

🌈Shape: Polygonal.

🌈Nosepiece: Metal elastic nose rest with adjustable elasticity and German silicone nose pads.

🌈Lens: Polarized lenses. 100% Block UV rays.

🌈Color: Black/Pink, Black/White, White/Black, Transparent/Orange, Clear/Yellow, Transparency/Green.

🌈Design: The global debut work of the chief designer of Ouyuan Eyewear. Let children enjoy and experience the beauty of design, but also protect their eyesight and perceive the world of light.

🌈Size: 41mm-26mm-145mm.

🌈MOQ: Starting from 1200 pairs.

🌈Customization: According to this current sunglasses, we can provide various solutions such as colors, materials, lenses, packaging and so on.

🌈Shipping range: We can deliver as long as the logistics support.

Kids Acetate Glasses G2287 Different colors shown, detail shots, size


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