Colorful Ink Painting Stainless Steel PU Glasses Case GC0031

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👓We invited a famous artist to draw the pattern for us and then print it on PU, these dazzling ink drawings are very beautiful and enjoyable. The main body is stainless steel and the outer layer is environmentally friendly grade PU, the whole is sturdy and easy to open and close.

👓A very stunning ink drawing pattern that feels like you are in nature and brings peace.

👓Perhaps you are interested in another eyeglass case with ink drawings.

Product Features

🌈Size:155MM x 65MM x 33MM

🌈Material: The main body is stainless steel,  strong and protective. The inner lining is lint-free microfiber, which can protect the glasses lenses well.

🌈Hinge: A hidden patented hinge with, a good opening and closing experience, can more effectively protect the glasses from fall.

🌈Manufacturing process: Experienced masters hand sew and paste the leather.

🌈Manufacturing mode: OEM, ODM.

🌈Order quantity: Minimum order quantity is supported.

🌈Special offer: Free customized mold for single item order amounts greater than USD 20,000.

🌈Color: Purple, Green.

🌈Customized production: We can print new patterns according to your needs, and if we can get the authorization, we can also help you to print the works of world-renowned painters on the glasses case.

Colorful Ink Painting Stainless Steel PU Glasses Case GC0031 Disply


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