Wholesale elephant trunk shape hard shell eyeglass case GC0016

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If you are bothered by the fact that you can’t find a personalized eyeglass case, we offer this one that will surely surprise you. The pure color palette, the minimalist design, the elephant trunk shape, and the magnetic closure, alone will make you fall in love with this handmade eyeglass case.

Product Features

  • Size: 155MM x 43MM x 33MM
  • Stainless Steel Body. Made of thickened stainless steel, it ensures that the eyeglass case can withstand external pressure.
  • Outer Leather. We use higher-priced faux wood leather which looks very crafted.
  • Colors. Pure colors are currently only available in dark brown and yellowish brown.
  • Manufacturing Process. Handmade by workers, the shape of the stick of the leather is handmade.
  • The lining. Made of soft microfiber with a plush touch to protect your eyeglass lenses from scratches.
  • Usage Scenario. Suitable for smaller glasses, does not take up space, sports, outdoor can be carried.
  • Order. Customized production is available, you can choose the color, print the Logo, and so on.


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