2023 MIDO Optics Show Exhibitor List – PDF Version

The above file is the 2023 MIDO Eyewear Show Exhibitors List in PDF format, you can download it to find your suitable eyewear buyer partner. In addition, the 2024 MIDO Eyewear Show – Milan is coming soon, you can contact these companies in advance, so as to facilitate the smooth ordering of eyewear, Ouyuan Eyewear will also participate in the 2024 MIDO Optical Eyewear Show, and we hope to meet with you interesting people, and together we can share and create a better optical world.

2024 MIDO Eyewear Show-Date-Venue

2024 MIDO Optical Show Preview

  1. Increasing competition is good for buyers.
  2. More eco-friendly materials, and more choices.
  3. The increasing number of ready goods suppliers, starting from 10 pairs of order quantity.
  4. Post-epidemic era, with global supply chain adjustment, customers may no longer focus on a certain optical fair.
  5. Smart glasses, provide AR, VR, communication, Bluetooth, bone conduction, sports, and other functions.
  6. Financial technology field, focus on NFT and other concepts.
  7. Renewable wood, bamboo, and other materials in the field of niche may rise to prominence.