What you should know more about Wenzhou Int’l Optics Fair

Wenzhou Int’l Optics Fair (WOF) is a professional trade fair focusing on the eyewear industry, which was founded in 2003 and has a history of many years, and has developed into an industry event with remarkable influence and international status. The following is a detailed introduction of the Wenzhou Optics Fair:

General Information

Place: Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Venue: Wenzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center

Organizer and Undertaker: Organized by Zhejiang Optical Industry Association and Shanghai Dana Exhibition Co., Ltd, and co-undertaken by Wenzhou Optical Chamber of Commerce and Wenzhou Dana Cloud, it shows its deep industry background and organizational strength.

Positioning and Status: As one of the world’s five largest international trade-oriented eyewear exhibitions, Wenzhou International Optical Fair is regarded as “the first choice for China’s eyewear industry chain” with the characteristics of specialization, branding and internationalization, and it is an important platform to serve the eyewear industry’s manufacturing and export trade.

History & Growth

Development History: Since it was held for the first time in 2003, the Wenzhou International Optical Fair has been held continuously until now, and has accompanied the optical industry for many years, and has gradually grown from a local exhibition to an internationally renowned industry event.

Increased Influence: After years of development, the exhibition has been ranked among the top five international professional eyewear trade shows, witnessed the development and growth of China’s eyewear industry, and played an important role in the global eyewear market.

Timing and Periodicity

The cycle is annual. Most of the time it is organized in the first half of the year in May or June. During this period, the weather in Wenzhou is nice and not too hot. 2024 will be held from May 10th to 12th, 2024.

Visitor and Exhibitor Regulations

Visitor Admission: The exhibition will be held under a real-name system. Visitors are required to bring their valid documents (e.g. ID cards for residents of mainland China, passports for foreigners, and passports for residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) to the exhibition hall. After the successful booking of tickets, in addition to the electronic two-dimensional code, you need to brush the original ID card to enter the exhibition, and some visitors from specific areas may need to go to the on-site service desk to exchange paper admission documents.

Business Attributes: Wenzhou International Optical Fair is a B2B exhibition, mainly open to professionals. Visitors may need to pass the audit when applying for visiting, and the organizing committee has the right to ask for relevant supporting materials to prove their industry identity. Tickets are for the applicant’s personal use only and are not transferable.

Fair Features and Contents

Industry Chain Coverage: The exhibits are wide-ranging and cover all aspects of the eyewear industry chain, including lenses, frames, sunglasses, smart eyewear, 3D printing products, optical instruments and equipment, accessories and raw and auxiliary materials, optometry and dispensing equipment, vision care products, nursing fluids and cleaning supplies, packaging design, e-commerce platforms and solutions for optical stores.

Exhibitors: Exhibitors come from many countries and regions around the world, both from China’s major eyewear-producing regions such as Wenzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Xiamen, Taizhou, Yingtan, Danyang, Xinhe, Chongqing, etc., and also from internationally renowned brands and manufacturers, including Safilo, Marchon, Marcolin, Carl Zeiss, BOLON (Tyrannosaurus Rex), Dr. Eyewear, BaoDao, and MOLSION, which present a diversified lineup of exhibitors.

Industry communication: The exhibition is not only a platform for product display and trading, but also organizes various industry forums, technical seminars, designers’ alliance salons, VC docking meetings for eyewear startups, new product launches, modeling walks, trend forecasts and other activities, which provide the industry with the opportunity to exchange experiences, discuss cutting-edge technologies and gain insight into market dynamics.

Regional brand display: Wenzhou local eyeglasses industry in the form of “Ouhai Eyeglasses” regional brand group exhibitors, reflecting the strength and characteristics of the local industrial clusters. Some Wenzhou enterprises are transforming from OEM to own brands and starting to develop internationally, which is also a highlight of this exhibition. It also provides more possibilities for international buyers to purchase Chinese-brand glasses.

Business Services

Business Functions: The fair provides exhibitors and buyers with efficient business matching services, including appointment negotiation, trade matching, online exhibition, online cloud show, etc., aiming to promote substantial business cooperation.

Supporting Services: There is a service desk on the exhibition site to provide visitors with information counseling, sending exhibition brochures, on-site guided tours, and document application services. In addition, there are drinks and catering and emergency medical services.

Free Translation: To facilitate overseas buyers to better conduct business negotiations and thus facilitate transactions, the organizer has provided a certain number of multilingual translators. Of course, there are also private free translation public welfare organizations to assist. For details, please contact the organizer.

To sum up, Wenzhou International Optical Fair, as an important exhibition in the global optical industry, provides a comprehensive platform integrating display, transaction and communication for global optical manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, designers, professionals and related service providers with its features of strong professionalism, internationalization and wide coverage of industry chain, and strongly promotes the innovative development and international cooperation of the optical industry. If you plan to visit or exhibit at the show, we recommend you pay attention to the latest information released by the official channels to get the most accurate schedule, exhibitors’ guide and registration process.