Why Wenzhou Glasses Industry Ouhai District Best

Why Wenzhou Glasses Industry Ouhai District Best

Wenzhou is an important production base for glasses in the world, but the quality of glasses made in Ouhai District is the best. It is called “China’s five largest eyeglasses production bases” together with Xiamen in Fujian, Yingtan in Jiangxi, Shenzhen in Guangdong and Danyang in Jiangsu. The world’s four largest eyeglasses production and manufacturing bases include Wenzhou Ouhai District, Belluno, Italy, Sakae, Japan, and Daegu, South Korea. From these titles, we can get the strength of the glasses industry in Wenzhou Ouhai.

Areas in Wenzhou that produce eyeglasses include Ouhai District, Rui’an City, Yueqing City, Yongjia County, Cangnan County, Pingyang County, and Longwan District.

The areas around Wenzhou that produce eyeglasses include Taizhou Duqiao, Ningbo, Jinhua Yiwu, Shaoxing, Hangzhou, Huzhou, Yingtan, and so on.

The main reasons why the glasses industry in Ouhai District of Wenzhou is powerful include the following aspects:

  1. Historical accumulation: Ouhai District has more than thirty years of history of the development of the eyeglasses industry, and the long-term accumulation has made it establish a solid foundation in production technology, market channels, enterprise management and so on.
  2. Industrial agglomeration effect: Ouhai District, especially Louqiao Street on the Hui Village, Xinqiao Street, Gaoxiang Industrial Zone and Louqiao Street, Dongfeng Industrial Zone and other places, the formation of the production of eyeglasses and accessories of the industrial clusters. more than 500 eyeglasses enterprises, 60,000 employees, the production of all kinds of metal, and plastic optical frames, lenses, contact lenses, and so on. The main markets are in Europe and America. There are 2 national high-tech enterprises, 8 provincial key science and technology enterprises, 8 municipal science and technology enterprises, and many eyeglasses quality inspection centers. This industrial agglomeration brings efficient allocation of resources, cost reduction and supply chain optimization, promoting the development of the whole industry.
  3. Policy support: Ouhai District, as “China’s eyeglasses production base” and “the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading of eyeglasses professional demonstration base”, enjoys several preferential government policies and support measures in tax, land use, technological innovation, international market development, etc., which provide a good development environment for the It provides a good environment for the development of eyeglasses enterprises.
  4. Technological innovation and brand building: In recent years, the Ouhai District glasses industry has focused on technological innovation and brand building, constantly improving the design and R & D capability of the products, and transforming from the previous OEM production to independent R & D and creation of its brand, which improves the value-added of the products and international competitiveness.
  5. Perfect industrial chain: The Ouhai District glasses industry has formed a complete industrial chain from raw material supply, design and development, production and manufacturing to marketing, which can quickly respond to the market demand and adapt to the international market changes.
  6. Export-oriented: Ouhai District’s eyeglasses products are almost exported, occupying a large international market share, and the globalization business strategy further promotes the scale expansion and technological upgrading of the industry.
  7. International cooperation: the eyeglasses enterprises in Ouhai district actively participate in international cooperation and exchange, and introduce international advanced design concepts and management experience. Enterprises here will undertake more OEM orders from international brands, good quality is related to the image of the customer’s brand, international brand specifications of products, production requirements, and technical standards, which enhance the level of the Ouhai glasses manufacturing industry. 30 years of accumulation of international glasses manufacturing, Ouhai glasses are constantly upgrading and refining.
  8. Ouhai Glasses Town Cultural Tourism Project: Wenzhou South Railway Station provides convenient transportation and a large number of people. With the theme of glasses, Ouhai Glasses Town creates glasses theme park, cultural and creative industrial park, glasses cross-border e-commerce park, glasses trade block, commerce and cultural tourism area, comprehensive service area and manufacturing area. The unified planning of the eyeglasses town is fashionable, and modern and exudes design culture, manufacturing culture and humanistic atmosphere.
  9. Multi-industry distribution: In addition to the eyeglasses manufacturing industry, Wenzhou Ouhai also has leather manufacturing industry, clothing and textile industry, machinery manufacturing industry. It can be imagined that you can purchase all the fashionable categories (shoes, bags, clothes, underwear, glasses, wearing accessories, suitcases, etc.) when you come to Wenzhou. The complementary advantages of these industries have enhanced the eyewear industry in Ouhai, Wenzhou.
  10. Talent cultivation: There are many colleges and universities in Wenzhou. Universities and eyeglasses manufacturing enterprises jointly cultivate talents in the eyeglasses industry, and colleges and universities have opened many sub-disciplines in the field of eyeglasses. Ouhai eyeglasses manufacturing is the center of the Wenzhou eyeglasses industry, the production here is more standardized, the positioning of the middle and high grade, the enterprise pays more attention to attracting excellent talents and can provide higher salaries, which further promotes the development of Ouhai eyeglasses manufacturing industry.
  11. Well-supported business and travel services: thanks to the strong support of the Ouhai District Government, there is a very modern living and business environment. Snack Street, international hotel, massage club, bar, convenient cab, high-speed train station, subway station and so on.

Combining the above factors, Ouhai District has become the leading area of the glasses industry in Wenzhou and even in the whole country, and enjoys the reputation of “the capital of glasses in China”.