Eyewear Industry Top 10 Keywords of the Year 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, Ouyuan Eyewear has summarized the 10 most important words in the entire eyewear industry this year.

1. Myopia prevention and control: With the rising rate of myopia among teenagers, myopia prevention and control has become an important task for the eyewear industry. As young people are exposed to more intelligent devices, the number of myopia continues to rise with the growth of eye time. In addition to supporting optometry services, how to use eyes scientifically, how to protect glasses and other related knowledge, and then reduce the number of myopia, which requires schools, optical companies, the government, parents and other joint participation, which is a long-term process.

2. Smart glasses: The development of smart glasses technology brings new opportunities and challenges for the eyewear industry and is becoming the focus of the industry. They combine fashion and technology, such as bone conduction Bluetooth headset glasses temples, convenient for people to receive phone calls, and can also easily listen to music when you are running. They can also provide functions such as augmented reality, virtual reality, health monitoring, etc., bringing customers a brand-new experience.

Mi Smart Glasses

3. 3D Printing: The application of 3D printing technology opens up more possibilities for eyewear design and production. It can customize eyewear to the size and shape of a person’s face, providing a more comfortable, better-fitting wearing experience. It can provide complex shapes and structures that are superior to those that cannot be realized by traditional enterprises, providing more freedom of design. It reduces material waste, lowers production costs, and accelerates the production of prototypes, speeding up the product development process.3D printing is an emerging technology that offers more possibilities and room for innovation in the eyewear manufacturing industry.

4. Health management: Health management has become an important trend in the optical industry, and these services include vision checkups, optometry, eye care counseling, etc., aiming to help customers understand their eye health, prevent eye diseases, and improve their quality of life. In addition, eye care counseling services have become a trend, such as eye disease prevention and dry eye treatment. These services can help customers better understand the prevention and treatment of eye diseases, identify and solve eye problems promptly, and protect eye health.

5. Customized service: With the increase in consumers’ demand for personalization, customized service has become a major trend in the eyewear industry. Consumers are focusing more and more on personalization, and the eyewear industry is providing more customized options, such as customized lenses, frame colors and styles, to meet different consumer needs.

6. Brand building: brand building has become the core competitiveness of eyewear enterprises, and brand awareness and reputation have been improving. Brand building in the eyeglasses industry refers to the process of creating an influential and reputable eyeglasses brand through a series of strategies and means. This process needs to start from many aspects, including brand positioning, brand image, brand communication and brand maintenance. Brand building in the eyewear industry is a long-term process that requires continuous investment and effort. A successful eyewear brand not only needs to have a unique positioning and image but also needs to have strong communication and marketing capabilities, as well as quality products and services.

7. Integration of online and offline: The integration of online and offline has become an inevitable trend in the optical industry, and the synergistic development of online channels and offline stores has become the key. With the decline of the global demographic dividend, as well as the impact of the epidemic on people’s consumption habits in recent years, online and offline omnichannel development has become an inevitable choice for the optical industry.

8. Environmental Awareness: With the spread of environmental awareness, the eyewear industry has begun to focus on environmental protection, including the use of environmentally friendly materials, waste reduction and energy efficiency. For example, making eyeglass frames from renewable wood, renewable bamboo, and biodegradable biomaterials. This helps to improve the social responsibility image of the company while contributing to the environment.

9. Cross-border cooperation: cross-border cooperation has become an innovative way in the eyewear industry, and companies in different fields have started to cooperate in the eyewear industry (fashion, sports, technology and other areas of cooperation). For example, eyewear brands can cooperate with fashion bloggers or celebrities to launch limited edition products or co-branded eyewear; they can also cooperate with sports brands to jointly develop eyewear products suitable for sports scenes; and they can also cooperate with science and technology companies to apply smart technology to eyewear to enhance user experience.

10. Technological innovation: technological innovation is the core driving force for the development of the eyewear industry, including the application of new materials, new technology, intelligent new technology and so on. Technological innovation is an important driving force for the development of the eyewear industry, through continuous technological innovation, the eyewear industry can better meet consumer demand and enhance the core competitiveness of the brand.

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