Peek Into 2023 Eyewear Foreign Trade Company 10 Top Keywords

Peek Into Eyewear Foreign Trade Company 10 Top Keywords Throughout 2023, Article cover image

The top 10 keywords for eyewear foreign trade companies in 2023 may include:

1. Diversified Market: With the expanding global market, glasses foreign trade companies need to expand the diversified market to meet the needs of different countries and regions, and the design styles have become diversified, which requires more and more from the designers. Brand, product quality and service become the keys to competition.

2. Cross-border E-commerce: with the booming development of cross-border e-commerce, eyewear foreign trade companies need to make full use of this channel to expand the overseas market, and increase brand awareness and sales. new platforms such as SHEIN and Tume have been added to the list, there are more choices, but the competition is also getting more intense.

3. Niche B2B Platforms: these are platforms that focus on specific industries or markets. Compared with comprehensive B2B platforms, niche platforms have more precise target customers and more segmented industry or market positioning. Niche B2B platforms have greater development potential in specific industries or markets through more specialized services, lower costs, enhanced interaction and improved efficiency.

The traditional B2B platform makes the glasses foreign trade company tired of dealing with the rising marketing costs, in addition, to the dispersion of buyers and the increase of suppliers, these inputs gradually become sunk costs. In 2023, the more refined niche B2B platform gained more glasses foreign trade companies’ favor and is expected to usher in explosive growth in 2024.

4. Quality Assurance: Quality is the core competitiveness of the foreign trade company of eyeglasses, guaranteeing the quality of products and conforming to international standards is the key to winning the trust of customers.

Throughout the whole eyeglasses sales market, the yield rate of global eyeglasses is still very low. For example, the frames are easy to shrink, deformation, etc., the lens coating is easy to come off or not resistant to scratches. Due to the huge consumer demand, mass production, large volume shipments, and time requirements (fast production), the fine processing will inevitably affect the order delivery time, as well as the reduction of workers’ income and other issues. But for the glasses buyers, if the glasses do not have very good workmanship, consumer complaints will increase, which also leads to buyers seeking a new supplier of glasses, which is a loss for the glasses foreign trade companies, because the product yield is low, customer loyalty will be very low. Therefore, improving the quality of eyeglasses is still the most important problem for foreign trade companies of eyeglasses to solve.

5. Independent Websites: it refers to the independent e-commerce platform established by foreign trade companies, including independent websites, independent domain names, independent website programs and their exclusive domain names.

Because eyeglasses foreign trade companies rely on traditional B2B platforms, social media, etc., to find customers, marketing and other aspects of the problem encountered a lot of problems, such as contacting customers is not convenient, the account is blocked, the user data leakage and so on. This will make the eyes of foreign trade companies choose to build their website to independently develop their marketing channels. Independent websites can enhance the brand image, independent control, reduce costs, improve search engine rankings, good interaction with customers, avoid the risk of platform policy changes and so on. Of course, this is a long-term investment that requires continuous input.

In 2023, more eyeglasses foreign trade enterprises established their independent website, through the establishment of independent websites, enterprises can better expand overseas markets and reduce the risk.

6. Cultural communication: In international trade, cultural communication is vital to promote mutual understanding and trust, and eyeglasses foreign trade companies need to pay attention to the characteristics and needs of different cultures. Universal values prevail in the world, but because of different cultures, we need more communication to reach consensus and win mutual respect, which opens a new door for each other to know the world. Cultural communication plays an important role for us to reduce trade friction in the glasses trade, which is the most important soft power of the enterprise.

7. Optical Fair: Optical fair is still an important event that most optical enterprises have to attend. It allows foreign trade enterprises to display their brands and products, expand sales channels, understand industry trends, establish cooperative relationships, and increase visibility. In addition, the turnover rate will be higher in the exhibition, because customers can see part of the finished products, and then know the quality of the products, as well as the actual design effect. Even if the transaction is not immediate, the follow-up can also reach the completion of the order. To a certain extent, this reduces the cost of a handsome selection of customers, etc., and improves the turnover rate.

8. Intellectual Property Rights Protection: In the international market, intellectual property rights protection is vital to maintain the interests of the company, glasses foreign trade companies need to pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks and so on.

9. Ready Goods: The biggest highlight of 2023 is that Ready Goods vendors are on the rise, and due to the increase in niche buyers, it’s also bringing more eyewear sellers into the market, with MOQs that can go down to single digits.

10. Quality Eyewear Buyers Are Decreasing: the global supply chain has also been changing over the past three years as a result of the epidemic, with Europe and the United States preferring to source closer to home as they have established new production chains in their home and neighboring regions. In addition, the number of customers from low and middle-income regions and countries is increasing, and their economies are growing rapidly, which is a market that the world’s eyewear manufacturing bases, such as China, urgently need to embrace.

Throughout 2023, the world’s population increased by 75 million, and on New Year’s Day 2024, the world’s population will exceed 8 billion, the demographic dividend still exists, and the world economy is still full of hope, which brings unlimited opportunities for the entire optical foreign trade market.

These are the top 10 words selected by Ouyuan Eyewear based on China’s eyewear manufacturing foreign exports, if you have a better view, welcome to leave a message to discuss.

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