2024 Wenzhou International Optics Fair Preview: Innovative Highlights

The 2024 Wenzhou International Optics Fair will be held on May 10-12, 2024 at the Wenzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center.

With the continuous development and innovation of the global eyewear industry, Wenzhou International Optical Fair 2024, as the annual event of the industry, is ready to start with a brand-new attitude, attracting the attention of global eyewear manufacturers, buyers, designers, suppliers and industry elites. This comprehensive platform for exhibition, communication, cooperation and exploration not only predicts the future trend of the eyewear industry but also is an excellent stage to show the latest technology, design aesthetics and market dynamics.

Background and Importance of the Exhibition

Wenzhou, the city known as “the capital of Chinese eyeglasses”, has a long history of the eyeglasses industry and a perfect industrial chain, with a complete system from the supply of raw materials to the manufacturing of finished products, and then to the sales and export. Since its establishment, Wenzhou Optical Fair has been expanding its scale and influence year by year and has become a bridge connecting domestic and foreign markets, playing a key role in promoting the innovation and upgrading of the optical industry as well as trade cooperation. Now it is one of the most important optical exhibitions in the world. The 2024 exhibition, moreover, is standing on a new historical starting point, carrying the important mission of leading the industry to green, low-carbon manufacturing, intelligent and fashionable transformation.

Preview of Innovative Highlights

1. Smart Glasses Technology Showcase: With the rapid development of IoT and AR/VR technologies, smart glasses, as the representative of next-generation wearable devices, will occupy an important position in the exhibition. Exhibitors will bring smart glasses products integrating health management, virtual reality experience, remote communication and other functions, showing the gorgeous transformation of glasses from traditional vision correction tools to multi-functional smart devices. In addition, bone-conduction Bluetooth smart glasses and smart translation glasses are also noteworthy highlights of this exhibition.

2. Application of environmentally friendly materials: In response to the global call for sustainable development, the 2024 Wenzhou Optics Fair will set up a special “Green Zone” to display eyewear frames and accessories made of biodegradable materials, recycled plastics, renewable bamboo eyewear, renewable wood eyewear, and other environmentally friendly materials, leading the industry to move towards the direction of low-carbon and environmental protection.

3. Personalized customization service: The fair will highlight the application of advanced technologies such as 3D printing and artificial intelligence matching in the field of eyeglasses customization, allowing visitors to experience the process of personalized customization from measurement, and design to finished products, and to meet the consumers’ dual pursuit of uniqueness and comfort.

4. Design Aesthetics and Trends: Internationally renowned designers, local Chinese designers’ alliances, and up-and-coming brands will present their latest works to show the infinite possibilities of eyewear as a fashion accessory. From retro to futuristic, from simple lines to luxury decoration, each exhibit is a profound interpretation of fashion trends.

5. Online Fair: Due to various reasons, buyers who can’t attend the exhibition in Wenzhou can directly reflect the online fair through the cloud show, supported by 5G technology, which allows you to browse the goods of different exhibitors online very smoothly. Through the organizer’s platform, you can purchase optical products directly, which is safe, and efficient and saves you a large amount of purchasing cost.

Industry Exchange and Cooperation Platform

In addition to product display, Optical Wenzhou 2024 will also hold several summit forums, technical seminars and business matching sessions (Wenzhou Optical Industry Development Forum, Wenzhou Ouhai Optical Fashion Release Show, New Material Release, International Trade Matching, etc.), inviting industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to have in-depth discussions on industry trends, technological innovations, market expansion and other topics, providing attendees with valuable communication opportunities and cooperation platforms.


Wenzhou International Optical Fair 2024 is not only a feast for the optical industry, but also a forward-looking exploration of the future lifestyle. Here, innovation and tradition are intertwined, and technology and aesthetics collide, injecting new vitality and inspiration into the development of the global eyewear industry. For every participant, it will be a not-to-be-missed industry event for the eyewear people, looking forward to witnessing the bright moments of the eyewear industry together in Wenzhou.