Can you source glasses within 1 USD in Wenzhou Zhejiang China

As a famous eyewear manufacturing base in China, Wenzhou is known for its abundant eyewear products and competitive prices. In Wenzhou, eyeglasses are available at a wide range of prices, covering everything from affordable styles to high-end customized products. At least 30% of the world’s eyeglasses are exported from here to the world.

Which countries purchase the most eyeglasses for less than one dollar. India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, and Bolivia.

Glasses Ready Goods, man wears sunglasses

Eyewear under a dollar generally refers to READY GOODS. That is, factory stock that has been produced in large quantities, some of which are in stock, and some of which are sold at a discounted rate on returns of OEM orders. This category of products in the price to maintain the advantage of ordering very quickly, without having to wait for production.

However, it is important to note that the price of $1 may not include all costs such as shipping, customs duties, packaging and other possible surcharges. In addition, such a price may also be affected by the number of orders, purchasing time, market demand and other factors.

Even if China’s labor costs continue to rise today, Wenzhou still maintains the price advantage from low-end to high-end production, Wenzhou eyeglasses manufacturing industry is very complete, the industry is updated in a very timely manner, with smarter, more advanced production equipment, combined with labor, but more to play the cost advantage.

When purchasing eyeglasses in Wenzhou, it is recommended to contact local suppliers or manufacturers directly for information about their product catalogs, price lists and minimum order quantities. At the same time, considering quality and compliance, it is recommended to work with suppliers who have a good reputation and a legal license to operate.

How to find $1 Glasses to Suppliers

  • Sourcing through Made-in-China, Alibaba.
  • Search China Wenzhou eyeglasses manufacturers via Google.
  • Sourcing directly to China Wenzhou Ouhai Eyeglasses Manufacturing Base.
  • Attend the Wenzhou International Optics Fair in May every year.

Of course, Ouyuan Eyewear can provide eyeglasses within one dollar. You are very welcome to get in touch with us, if we can’t provide the glasses you want to purchase, we will recommend you to the counterparts who can provide you with sources.

Anyway, sourcing eyeglasses within one dollar in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China is the best choice. It’s very cost-effective, Wenzhou eyeglasses base has many sources, easy to purchase, helps you save more cost, and so on.