2024 MIDO Eyewear Show Exhibitor List PDF & Brief Data Analysis

2024 MIDO Eyewear Show Exhibitor List PDF and Brief Data Analysis

The MIDO Eyewear Show will be held in FIERA MILANO on 3 – 5 FEBRUARY 2024, with 1,221 exhibitors from 48 countries participating in this optical show.

This is the only show in the world that covers the complete optical supply chain. The show has 7 pavilions and 10 hallways (Academy, (Associations, Schools, Shows), Design, Design Tech, Fair East, Fashion District, (Lenses & Instruments), Press, Start- (Lenses & Instruments), Press, Start-Up, Tech). Here you can not only purchase or buy the latest eyewear, production materials, optical instruments and equipment, but also discover new technologies, and industry trends, learn new knowledge, management concepts, and branding experience and make new friends.

Exhibitor data is briefly analyzed here

Country(Count) 1221 - Statistical Graph - MIDI Eyewear Show 2024, Exhibitor Data

Analyzed from the exhibiting countries. China has the largest number of exhibitors, totaling 541 exhibitors, accounting for 48.3%, of which there are 452 exhibitors from mainland China, accounting for 37%, and 55 exhibitors from Hong Kong, China, accounting for 5%. Ranked second is the organizing country Italy, with 273 exhibitors, accounting for 23%. France ranked third, with 78 exhibitors, accounting for 6%.

Pavilion (Exhibitor) 1221 - Statistical Graph - MIDI Eyewear Show 2024, Exhibitor Data

From the pavilion analysis. Pavilion No. 2 accommodated the largest number of exhibitors, 244 exhibitors, accounting for 20%, followed by Pavilion No. 5 accounted for 19% (237), Pavilion No. 7 accounted for 18% (214), Pavilion No. 3 accounted for 14% (166), Pavilion No. 4 accounted for 16% (140), Pavilion No. 6 accounted for the same as the Pavilion No. 1, both accounted for 8%.

Hall (Exhibitor) 1221 - Statistical Graph - MIDI Eyewear Show 2024, Exhibitor Data

Analyzing the hall data. Fair East has the largest number of exhibitors, with 451 exhibitors or 37% of the total number of exhibitors, which is concentrated more on eyewear manufacturers, eyewear wholesalers and foreign trade companies. The second largest hall is Design, with 191 exhibitors, accounting for 16% of the total number of exhibitors. In third place was Fashion District, with 179 exhibitors or 15%. In fourth place was Lenses & Instruments with 166 exhibitors or 14%. The remaining halls had less than 10 percent of exhibitors and no more than 100 exhibitors.

You can see these exhibitor figures quite directly in the diagram above.

2024 MIDO Eyewear Show Exhibitor List

Ouyuan Eyewear has compiled an updated list of exhibitors in PDF format, the file is at the bottom of the article, you can view it directly or download or print it any way you like. If you still want to see the 2023 MIDO exhibitors list, you can see what we have compiled before. We hope this data helps your business.

Ouyuan Eyewear will also participate in this year’s MIDO Eyewear Show, we will bring the latest design eyewear samples, we sincerely invite you to participate in this Milan Optical Exhibition, look forward to sharing, communicating and learning with you, let’s light up the optical world together.

MIDO Eyewear Show 2024 Ouyuan Eyewear Invitation & Poster