Why Opticians Choose Wenzhou, China to Source Eyewear

Why Opticians Choose Wenzhou, China to Source Eyewear

Wenzhou, as a famous eyeglasses manufacturing base in China, has gradually become the preferred sourcing place for international eyeglasses dealers in recent years. Behind this phenomenon is the comprehensive strength and unique advantages of Wenzhou’s eyeglasses industry. The following are some of the main reasons why international eyeglasses dealers choose to purchase eyeglasses in Wenzhou.

1. Industrial Agglomeration And Supply Chain Improvement

Wenzhou area has formed a large-scale glasses industry cluster, with many glasses manufacturers and supporting service enterprises, forming a complete industrial chain. From the supply of raw materials, parts processing, glasses design, lens frame manufacturing, surface treatment, and packaging to logistics and distribution, each link is closely coordinated and can provide one-stop purchasing service. This highly centralized industrial environment enables international buyers to compare and select different suppliers efficiently, and at the same time reduce purchasing and logistics costs.

Wenzhou, as well as the scale effect of the surrounding cities, to the eyeglasses industry with more complementary advantages, which enhances the eyeglasses industry in Wenzhou.

2. Production Cost Advantages

With the high price of products due to the rising labor cost in the eyeglasses manufacturing industry in Europe, America, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, international buyers have started to look for more cost-effective production bases. With relatively low labor costs, land rent and good policy support, Wenzhou has attracted a large number of eyeglasses manufacturing enterprises, which can provide products at more competitive prices to meet the price-sensitive needs of the international market.

3. Product Quality And Technological Upgrading

Wenzhou’s eyeglasses industry continues to carry out industrial upgrading and technological transformation, gradually transforming from low-end manufacturing to medium and high-end manufacturing. Enterprises focus on process improvement, technological innovation and quality management, and continue to improve the sense of product design, material selection, manufacturing precision and surface treatment level, to ensure that the quality of the product meets or even exceeds international standards. This quality improvement gives Wenzhou glasses not only a price advantage but also a high cost-effectiveness and can attract international customers who are looking for medium and high-end products.

4. Product Diversification And Customization Capabilities

Wenzhou eyewear enterprises can provide rich and diversified product lines, including all kinds of fashion eyewear, functional eyewear, sunglasses, reading glasses, sports eyewear, eyewear packaging and so on, which can satisfy the diversified needs of different markets and different consumer groups. At the same time, these enterprises have strong customized production capacity, can carry out personalized design and rapid sampling according to the specific requirements of international buyers, and provide flexible OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) or ODM (Original Design and Manufacturing) services to adapt to the fast-changing trends and consumer preferences of the international market.

5. Specialized Fairs And Trade Platforms

Wenzhou organizes international eyewear fairs in May every year, such as the Wenzhou International Optical Fair (WOF), which has become one of the most important business platforms for the eyewear industry in China and even in the world. Through such professional exhibitions, international buyers can directly contact many Wenzhou optical manufacturers for face-to-face negotiation, sample fitting and on-site order placement, which greatly simplifies the purchasing process and enhances the purchasing efficiency. In addition, the exhibition also set up spot trading and foreign trade special exhibition areas, which further enhanced the purchasing experience and trading possibilities.

6. Government Support And Regional Branding

Wenzhou Municipal Government actively supports the development of the glasses industry, listing it as one of the important pillar industries, and is committed to building a 50 billion glasses industry cluster. The government encourages enterprises to participate in exhibitions and broaden overseas markets by providing policy preferences, financial support and booth subsidies, and at the same time promotes the construction of glasses town and strengthens the regional brand effect. This strong policy orientation and regional branding have enhanced the popularity and attractiveness of the Wenzhou glasses industry in the international market.

7. Wenzhou Glasses Have Won a Series of National Honorary Titles

  • China Eyeglasses Production Base
  • State-Level Demonstration Zone for Quality Improvement of Eyeglasses
  • State-level Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone for Exporting Eyeglasses
  • State-level Pilot Regional Brand Building for Eyeglasses Industry Cluster
  • State-level High-tech Industrial Development Zone

8. Ease of foreign trade

Wenzhou’s eyeglasses industry has also done a very good job in foreign trade, with eyeglasses import and export testing authority for the eyeglasses enterprises to provide convenient foreign trade services so that international eyeglasses businessmen can be more smoothly in international trade.

9. Wenzhou Opticians Are The Main Force of The International Optical Exhibitions

Like SILMO Paris, MIDO Eyewear Show and other international eyewear exhibitions, exhibitors from China accounted for one-third of the exhibitors, of which Wenzhou exhibitors accounted for 80%. Therefore, Wenzhou eyeglasses have more interaction, internationalization and share in the international market.

10. Facilitated International Flights

Wenzhou Longwan International Airport has direct flights to France, Rome, Moscow, Frankfurt, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila.

If there are no direct flights, you can choose the nearest airport, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and then transfer to Wenzhou, or choose a train to Wenzhou, which is also very convenient.

When international buyers arrive in Wenzhou, eyeglasses manufacturers also take the initiative to transport them.

11. Numerous International Hotels

Wenzhou is the world’s largest export base for eyeglasses, and international buyers often visit Wenzhou, which accordingly attracts international hotels. Now there are Marriott Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Hilton Runaway Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kaiyue Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Wyndham Hotel, Novotel Hotel, Mercure Hotel, Best Western Hotel and so on in Wenzhou. It greatly solves the accommodation problem of eyeglasses buyers.

12. Ease of Payment

In addition to supporting Visa, Mastercard can be directly swiped, you can also use these cards to bind Alipay, and WeChat, so that no matter whether you are buying things or a taxi, will bring you more convenience.

13. Wenzhou is The Capital of Food

Wenzhou has many cuisines. With unique cooking techniques, dishes are characterized by light, fresh and delicious. The common practices are steamed, braised, stewed and so on. River crab, eel, fish balls, stir-fry dried noodles, fish balls and so on are the specialties here. In addition, Wenzhou is very rich in snacks, and the night market is open until dawn, so you can start a 24-hour eating mode.

To summarize, the Wenzhou optical industry’s agglomeration advantage, brand effect, product diversity, innovation and development, optical exhibition participation, policy support and market promotion, convenient logistics and service, and foreign trade convenience and other factors, together constitute an important reason for international opticians to come to Wenzhou to source eyeglasses. With the continuous progress and development of the eyewear industry in Wenzhou, more international eyewear dealers will be attracted to cooperate and purchase in the future. Wenzhou, as an eyeglasses manufacturing base, is becoming an important hub for global eyeglasses trade with its perfect industrial chain, high-quality products and strong foreign trade capacity.