Did You Buy The Right Eyeglass Case?

I’m sure most people buy eyeglass cases because they look good and choose them, never considering whether they are practical or not. Eyeglass cases are generally categorized into plastic hard cases, stainless steel hard cases, and leather, or paper eyeglass cases.

It is recommended that you use a hard clamshell case for your glasses, it really does protect your glasses well and is perfect for you whether you are at work or outdoors. Leather, or paper eyeglass cases are least recommended, they are generally shaped like money clips, which is convenient, but there is a very high probability that your eyeglass glasses will break due to external forces, and these soft cases do not provide effective protection. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a hard shell case for your eyeglasses.

How To Use A Hard Shell Eyeglass Case

Lastly, I have to say something about eyeglass cloths, and eyeglass pouches, which many people don’t know how to use. If your glasses case has a soft velvet lining, you don’t need to wrap your glasses in a glasses cloth, because the lining is there to protect your glasses as well as your lenses, and hard glasses cases usually have a soft lining. Plastic eyeglasses cases may be given to you when you buy your glasses, or they may not have a lining. Of course, if they don’t have a lining, for whatever reason, you will need to wear a glasses cloth or a glasses bag to prevent your lenses from receiving unnecessary scratches.

These are some details about the use of eyeglass cases and how to choose them, so I think you should know very well what to do.

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