China Colorful Doodle Glasses Case GC0008 Wholesale in Bulk

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This is a fantastic colorful doodle eyeglasses case, that invites famous designers to design, colorful and full of artistic taste, mainly made of PU and stainless steel, suitable for reading eyes and other commonly used general eyeglasses.

Dimensions: 160 mm * 55 mm * 36 mm

Product Feature

  • Magnetic closure, good opening and closing experience.
  • Made of special stainless steel, which is thin but very hard and has good resistance to pressure.
  • Ultra slim lining provides good softness and silky texture to protect your glasses from scratches.
  • Designed by renowned designers, you are guaranteed to have not just an eyeglass case, but a work of art.
  • Handmade by workers, with every detail meticulously crafted, this is an example of the combination of craftsmanship and the art of design.



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