When Do You Need A Polarized Clip-on?

First of all, we need to know that sunglasses and polarized glasses are differentSunglasses are lenses that block glare and reduce the intensity of ultraviolet rays, used to block the sun, which can reduce the damage of light to the eyes, and ordinary sun lenses have a fairly low blocking rate of ultraviolet rays. Polarized clip-ons are lenses made according to the principle of the polarization of light, used to exclude and filter out direct light from the beam, making the field of vision clear and natural, with a blocking rate of 99% for UV rays.

A big man wears both glasses, a ordinary glasses and clip on

Polarized clip-on protect you from harmful UV rays. In addition, they are effective in reducing glare and reflections. When you are in the sun, simply flip the clips down to cover your glasses, and then they successfully turn into polarized sunglasses. When you are driving, Hiking, fishing, playing golf, and other outdoor activities, you can choose to wear polarized clip-on glasses.


There are four major benefits to choosing Clip-on:

1. Eliminate glare. Polarized lens is the principle of polarized light, the object seen will not change color. When faced with strong light, polarized lenses can completely resist glare, to achieve the true sense of eye protection.

2.100% UV protection. Clip-on lenses made of fiber laminated polarized film effectively block 99.99% of UV rays.

3. Ultra-lightweight. Relatively lightweight material makes you comfortable to wear.

4. Easy to wear. The first step, pinch the clip and open it. In the second step, insert the clip-on into the glasses. The third step, flip them upwards when entering a dark light environment or when you don’t need the blackout curtain for a while. Finally, Flip it down whenever you needed.