The eyeglasses frames offered this time focus on gradient temples, laser engraved with different patterns, diamond, triangle, and bubble shapes, which makes the glasses look very fashionable and beautiful from the side. Seasons have alternation, time has cycles, and transparent and gradient temples let us perceive the change of time through these changes, which can let us go into nature and feel the change of everything in late fall. Thanks to our designers for providing us with these elemental ideas, this season we are still energetic, but also become calm and deep.

Product Features

  • Clear and gradient temples. Laser engraved with different patterns and gradient colors, very unique.
  • Designer Design. The latest creations of young talented designers with creative shapes, ergonomic designs, and up-to-date trends.
  • Imported Acetate. Made of imported Italian acetate material, safe, comfortable, very light, and has strong toughness.
  • Latest color palette. The designer chose the trend colors, and some of the styles have painted the frames in milk white, a little bit of decoration, but gives the glasses a touch more vitality.
  • Fall/Winter Trends. We know what kind of eyewear consumers want from our years of experience, and these are hot star products that we know just by their appearance, turned to opticians to create.
  • Order Type. We can offer customized production to supply opticians worldwide.