Camping Picnic TR Super Cool Polarized Lenses Sports Sunglasses KB0512

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🌈Suitable for men’s picnics, camping, driving, hiking and other scenarios sports glasses, TR material, square shape, the best choice for outdoor sunglasses in summer.

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Product Features

🌈Model: KB0512

🌈Material: TR90.

🌈Shape: Square

🌈Nosepiece: One-piece nosepiece.

🌈Lens: TAC Polaroid Lenses. Multiple layers to effectively filter UVA, UVB and UVC radiation at wavelengths up to 400 nm.

🌈Hinge: Metal hinges.

🌈Color: Light Black, Black/Green, Matte Black, Transparent Grey, Tortoiseshell/Brown, Blick/Lake Blue.

🌈Design: Square frame shape, the temple close to the ear part of the ergonomic design, a long time to wear to provide a good experience, the overall mention of simple, and meticulous.

🌈Size: 60mm-19 mm-145mm.

🌈MOQ: Wholesale from 300 pairs.

🌈International Standard: CE, FDA, ISO

🌈Customization: According to these current glasses, we can provide various solutions such as colors, materials, lenses, packaging and so on.

🌈Shipping range: We can deliver as long as the logistics support.

Sunglasses KB0512 Detail Shooting


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