Epoxy Rivet Decorated Kids’ Clip-On Eyewear Set TAK9045

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Children's clip-on eyeglasses TAK9045 male and female models show

This is a round children’s clip-on eyeglasses set with a funky protrusion at the center bridge that follows the curve of the nose. The magnets are all polka-dot decorations that frame the entire shape. The acetate frame with magnetic clip-on lenses makes it easy to use for different occasions.

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Product Features

Material: Acetate frame, AC polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses: 100% UV blockage.

Shape: Round with a protruding center bridge.

Size: Medium size. 47mm-19mm-136mm.

Customization: Frames can be supplied with TR, silicone, etc., lenses can be realized with PC, and we can also supply eyewear peripheral products.


Children's clip-on glasses size, detail shot, different colors show TAK9045


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