Ins Hot Selling Skin Feeling PU Eyeglass Storage Case GC0028

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👓This is a popular eyeglass case on Ins, recommended by many influencers, heart print pattern, dot embossing, and pink color, are cute and fashionable.

👓Handmade, PU perfectly combined with stainless steel frame.

Product Features

🌈Size:160MM x 65MM x 33MM

🌈Material: The main body is iron, the outer layer is PU, and the inner lining is lint-free microfiber, which can protect the glasses lenses well.

🌈Manufacturing process: Experienced masters hand sew and paste the leather.

🌈Manufacturing mode: OEM, ODM.

🌈Order quantity: Minimum order quantity is supported.

🌈Special offer: Free customized mold for single item order amounts greater than USD 20,000.

🌈Color: Pink.

🌈Customized production: This product supports customized production, including logo hot stamping and spray painting, packaging box solutions, etc.

Ins Hot Selling Skin Feeling PU Eyeglasses Organizer Closed Display GC0028


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