Translucent Wraparound Two Tone Sunglasses 2196S

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🌈These sunglasses are an accessory full of style and luxury. The frame and temples have a two-tone design of black and transparent brown, which shows off understated luxury and highlights personality and taste at the same time. The black part gives a mysterious and stable feeling, while the transparent brown part exudes nobility and elegance.

🌈The frame is adorned with a fish scale-like wire core pattern, and this unique pattern design not only adds a touch of artistic flavor to the sunglasses but also makes them more personalized and fashionable. The finesse and delicacy of the pattern make these sunglasses equally outstanding in details.

🌈In addition, the rim of these sunglasses has a thickened design, giving them a retro and robust feel. This design not only effectively blocks the sunlight, but also makes the sunglasses more durable and practical. At the same time, the thickening of the rim also makes the sunglasses fit more closely to the face, making them more comfortable to wear.

🌈It is worth mentioning that the frame sides of these sunglasses have a translucent design. This design skillfully combines practicality and aesthetics, making the sunglasses maintain their sun-shading function while adding a touch of mystery and unique charm.

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Product Features

🌈Model: 2196S

🌈Material: Acetate.

🌈Shape: Oval.

🌈Nosepiece: One-piece nosepiece.

🌈Lens: Polaroid Lenses.

🌈Hinge: Screw hinges.

🌈Color: Black/Transparent, Transparent/Red/Blue, Black/Transparent/Brown, Black/Stripe/Brown.

🌈Design: Thick-rimmed sunglasses with an overall regal style. It looks refined, distinguished and noble.

🌈Size: 46mm-25mm-145mm.

🌈MOQ: Wholesale from 1200 pairs.

🌈International Standard: CE, FDA, ISO

🌈Customization: According to these current glasses, we can provide various solutions such as colors, materials, lenses, packaging and so on.

🌈Shipping range: We can deliver as long as the logistics support.

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