Wholesale Kids Polka Dots Purse Style Eyeglass Cases GC0002

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Dimensions: 159 mm * 69 mm * 52 mm

  • PU leather, plush, microfiber, eco-friendly materials.
  • Sturdy and durable metal hinges for proper opening and closing of the box.
  • Modernized intelligent production super factory for early delivery of product orders.
  • Rainbow colors include black dots, white dots, black, white, blue, red, and tomato color.
  • Stainless steel skeleton, strong pressure resistance, and all-around protection of your glasses.
  • Soft grey velvet-like lining to prevent scratches on glasses and provide some shock absorption.
  • Suitable for most standard eyeglasses, including children’s optical glasses, children’s sunglasses, reading glasses, sports glasses, etc.


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