Handmade Hard Shell Rectangular Black Eyeglass Case GC0019

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This eyeglass case looks very sophisticated and the handmade leather and stainless steel material also looks very upscale. The magnetic snap closure is also very convenient and allows you to open and close the case with ease. The soft lining material protects your eyeglasses from scratches and damage.

This eyeglass case is suitable for a variety of scenarios, whether it’s a formal business occasion or a casual everyday ensemble, it’s a perfect match. Due to its high quality and ease of use, this eyeglass case has also become a popular choice for many people.

Currently available in black and purple, of course, you can customize other colors.

This eyeglass case is in stock, so feel free to order. It will surely be a hot seller in your optical store.

Overall, this eyeglass case is not only beautiful in appearance but also excellent in material and design, making it a very practical accessory.


Product Features

size:151MM x 50MM x 38MM

Material: stainless steel body, outer leather, microfiber lining

Craftsmanship: Handmade

Order Mode: Wholesale

Inventory: Yes


Different color display

Handmade Hard Shell Rectangular Black Eyeglass Case Open And Close Handmade Hard Shell Rectangular Purple Eyeglass Case


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