Iron Imitation Wood PU Handmade Eyeglasses Case GC0026

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This eyeglass case is a single color, faux wood leather, tin architecture with a cutout in the closure that adds a touch of metal, and an overall style that falls somewhere between vintage and business.

Size:160MM x 55MM x 36MM

Product Feature

Material: The main body is iron, the outer layer is imitation wood leather, and the inner lining is microfiber that won’t lose hair.

Manufacturing process: Handmade, inner and outer layers are cut and fitted by master.

Manufacturing mode: OEM, ODM.

Order quantity: Support minimum order quantity.

Special offer: Order amount is more than $20,000, free mold opening.

Customization: Support customized production, including logo printing, matching eyeglasses cloth, eyeglasses cleaner, and other solutions.




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