PU Imitation Python Skin Hard Shell Eyeglass Case GC0033

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👓This PU faux python skin hard shell eyeglass case with stainless steel main structure is a perfect combination of eyeglasses protection and fashionable matching with its unique design and high-quality material. It not only provides sturdy protection for your glasses but also shows your personality and taste.

👓The lightweight size and sturdy case make this eyeglass case perfect for everyday carry or travel. Whether you put it in your bag or carry it with you, it’s easy to handle.

👓The faux python skin design gives the case a wild and luxurious feel, suitable for a variety of occasions and get-ups, making your eyewear an equally stylish piece.

Product Features

🌈Size:154MM x 65MM x 34MM

🌈Material: Made of high-quality PU material, imitating python skin texture, soft and elastic to the touch, beautiful and generous appearance. A stainless steel body and hard shell design enhance the durability and protection of the case, which can effectively resist the external impact and pressure, and protect the glasses from damage. The interior is made of soft velvet material to provide gentle cushioning for glasses and avoid scratches caused by friction. Reasonable space design for one pair of eyeglasses.

🌈Hinge: A hidden patented hinge with, a good opening and closing experience, can more effectively protect the glasses from fall.

🌈Manufacturing process: Experienced masters hand sew and paste the leather.

🌈Manufacturing mode: OEM, ODM.

🌈Order quantity: Minimum order quantity is supported, wholesale from 300.

🌈Special offer: Free customized mold for single item order amounts greater than USD 20,000.

🌈Color:  Python Skin

🌈Customized production: We can print new patterns according to your needs, and if we can get the authorization, we can also help you to print the works of world-renowned painters on the glasses case.

Eyeglass Case GC0033


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