China’s Top Three Dogs Wearing Sunglasses and Skateboarding

We will more or less see dogs who can play skateboard, your first reaction must be shock, incredulity and admiration, how do these cute dogs do it? They can play most of us humans will not play skateboard, of course, in addition to their owners will teach, there are dogs are talented, smart and fun is their nature.

Today, I searched most of the mainstream video sites in China, evaluation to find the three most top flow of dogs, and is wearing sunglasses, please enjoy their wonderful performance:

Top 1 – Wearing Sunglasses to Play Skateboard Dog AP

Sports Equipment★★★★★
Performance Skills★★★★★
Appearance Level★★★
Ranking Score Sheet
Wearing sunglasses to play skateboard dog AP

Reasons for ranking: This schnauzer dog named AP, it is equipped with a set of skateboards to suit its body, and looks very light, very suitable for its petite body, skateboard with cool effects of the tail flame, etc., if it is night, you will think that this boy is a graduate of the air show team. AP’s performance skills are definitely the best kung fu, it can perform freely between the skateboard travel, feet up, and 360 degrees of rotation. The top acceleration, and strong visual impact. Dressed in a set of exquisite pet clothes, so that it is a sense of temperament to enhance a lot, a look is born in a famous family. Its petite stature is the only drawback, it is easy for it to be injured on the skateboard, and good protection is necessary. In addition, if you wear a pair of yellow or other beautiful colors of sunglasses, it would be perfect.

Final Comments: Light as a swallow, a big payoff for a small effort, superb skills, master class.

Top 2 – Wearing sunglasses to play skateboard dog PiPi

Sports Equipment★★★★
Performance Skills★★★
Appearance Level★★★★★
Ranking Score Sheet
Wearing sunglasses to play skateboard dog PiPi

Reasons for ranking: This bulldog named PiPi has been reported by Japanese Fuji TV, CCTV, People’s Daily and other media, and even acted in a movie, so he was born to be a star dog! The body is sturdy, robust, muscular, beautiful lines, a macho image, wearing stylish sports sunglasses, neck hung with a gold necklace, the perfect body only needs a simple embellishment. Skateboarding skills in general, slow acceleration, and lack of power, later need to continue to practice.

Final Comments: The body is sturdy, with its own flow, born in a luxurious family, set luxury and handsome one, not bad money!

Top3 – Wearing sunglasses to play skateboard dog Potato

Sports Equipment★★★
Performance Skills★★★★
Appearance Level★★★
Ranking Score Sheet
Wearing sunglasses to play skateboard dog Potato

Reasons for ranking: This dog’s name is Potato, it’s a white French bulldog, neck hanging pearl necklace, wearing a sports suit, wearing a large field of view of sports sunglasses, stepping on a skateboard with a year, a strong country second-hand atmosphere to enter the city, haha. It has a body-less look in the skateboard march, seemingly reminiscing about the food it just ate, all concerned about the toothpaste. It also has a sturdy body, practices good skill, riding on the skateboard over the steps skills that is unique. It is best to upgrade the full set of equipment, that temperament came up.

Final Comments: Has a solid hand over the steps of the skateboard skills, equipment, and skills are very practical, and the countryside is strong.

Warm tip: Skateboards may not be suitable for every dog, there may be other better options. Do not put on human sunglasses for dogs in outdoor activities, because their mobility is easy to hit hard objects so that they are injured, every piece of equipment on the dog is for pets, so as not to lose a lot because of the small.